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Our Commitment to Giving Back.

We donate/deliver clothing, meals, supplies and money to homeless individuals and families every year across the United States.



We focus on providing support to help people thru our donations an support to charities. Join our cause to help one person each day.

One Person

We help provided help for more than one person everyday. Join us be the one person who helps us.


Everyday we work hard to make sure we help one person every day. You can help us by contributing a donation today.

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Our Partners


Project GRL

Project GRL exists for every girl who has been mistreated, marginalized, or feels insecure or hopeless. Far too many girls simply have no idea of their value, and it breaks my heart. The mission of Project GRL is to let every girl know that she is a daughter of the King—highly treasured with limitless potential.



MDRST’s mission is to provide an global campaing for independant music and distribution. They travel the country sending a message of new exciting music. While doing this they spread the word of H.O.P.E. and have a mission to help keep that message going all around the globe.



CARTF’s mission is to provide classroom and hands-on training to ex-felons entering society after incarceration within the commercial lawn care and heavy construction equipment fields. They will be taught a multitude of job skills and life skills that will allow the ex-felons to be self sufficient and facilitate their ability to become productive members of society.

Featured News


H.O.P.E. has partnered with Joyce Meyer’s Project GRL

H.O.P.E. has partnered with Joyce Meyer on Project GRL to fight human trafficking. We have sent our most recent donations and continue to support this project. For more info about this project click here.

Mikel Knight Scam? Jason Profit Chats W Jack Dupp about the hustle

You see the Mikel Knight vans out hustling CDs in your city. Is it a scam? Jason Profit interviews Jack Dupp in Simpsonville, SC about the street hustle and about second chances. Hard work and dedication build success… even if you need a second chance in life you can build your dreams. Motivation for the youth 100%…