Stories of Hope – Destiny Bowman (Minnie)

Being in A Cut Above the Rest taught me to be responsible, to learn to accept things and how to also change them. The training facility has changed my life for the better. I got a chance to meet The District Attorney and also Mayor, Todd Strange.

It also taught me to look beyond what is in front of me and that also any obstacle can be torn down literally. I also want to thank Ms. Pitts and Ms. Melinda for believing in me when no one else did. You two really are a blessing.

The previous story is about a ex-offender. All of these individuals have been involved in CARTF’s program. Their stories are of struggles and tribulations but, also of hope and perseverance. These individuals have come out of prison, attended CARTF and are now beating the odds in a state where the recidivism rate is well over 28%.

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