Stories of Hope – Lawrence Gregory

My name is Lawrence Gregory and I have been out of prison for 16 years.

Since I have been out I have tried to find jobs to support myself and found it has been very hard to find anyone who wants to hire ex-felons. For the few that did hire me, I would work for them and when it came time to get my pay check that would not pay me so it has been very discouraging.

Recently, I have enrolled with A Cut Above the Rest and received OSHA training as well as, Basic Safety, Construction Mathmatics, Hand tools, Power tools, Construction drawing, Rigging, Employability Skills, Material Handling as well as training in the operation of a Skid Loader. This 6-8 week training program has given me the skills and education that I was lacking in order to go out and find a good paying job. The lady’s who are teaching me are very inspiring to me because they have both been in prison as well but have rebuilt their lives and both found success. So it gives me hope that my future is bright! It has changed my life for the better!

The previous story is about a ex-offender. All of these individuals have been involved in CARTF’s program. Their stories are of struggles and tribulations but, also of hope and perseverance. These individuals have come out of prison, attended CARTF and are now beating the odds in a state where the recidivism rate is well over 28%.

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