Punta Gorda Police Department In Florida1

H.O.P.E. “Do the Right Thing”

H.O.P.E. recently made a donation and had a chance to learn of this great program with the Punta Gorda Police Department in Florida! The program is called “Do the Right Thing.”

Truly effective law enforcement in the 21st century must be based on strong ties between communities and their police departments. Community policing begins with tapping our most precious resource – our youth. Unfortunately, many children lack positive role models and self-esteem and they are unable to direct themselves down a positive path in life.

A program adopted by the Punta Gorda Police Department in 1995, dubbed “Do the Right Thing,” is working to instill positive attitudes and self-esteem in local youth by publicly recognizing them for their achievements, whether their accomplishments involve academics, athletics, community service, conservation, or any other effort where a child is trying his or her best to “do the right thing”.

Every month, five local Charlotte County children are selected from a pool of nominees for their outstanding efforts. The children may attend any school or be home-schooled in Charlotte County. All five students receive trophies, certificates gifts from local businesses, a certificate of recognition from the Chief of Police, and a “Do the Right Thing” T-shirt.

“Do the Right Thing” was started by the Miami Police Department and is now enjoying full success with programs all over the United States, England and Germany. The “Do the Right Thing” program has earned accolades from numerous organizations. The program has touched the lives of thousands of students, with the potential of reaching thousands more in the coming years.

Corporate sponsors (and we hope you will become one), combined with donations from local businesses, are used to fund the program. “Do the Right Thing” is funded solely through donations from corporate sponsors and community members. All donations to the “Do the Right Thing” program, both monetary and in-kind, are tax deductible.

Principals, teachers, parents, business leaders and community members are encouraged to nominate children for the “Do the Right Thing” award. Nominations may be submitted through our site by filling out the form here.

For additional information on the program, or to become a corporate sponsor, please contact the Executive Director  Lieutenant Justin Davoult at 941-575-5525 or