Stories of Hope – TrenTarius Buyaks

Hi, my name is TrenTarius Buyaks. I started A Cut Above the Rest Training Facility on January 19, 2015. My first day of class was interesting (seeing new people and talking with my teacher). She told us about her time in prison and we all were able to relate with her because we are all ex-felons. I’m comfortable now she is not just teaching us a skill trade but helping us prepare for a career and at the same time drilling in our head that we can be the same or better than other with felonies.

From the 2nd day until now I am doing better and learning more everyday. We did bookwork first and machine time last. The bookwork wasn’t all that easy and I had my ups and downs but Ms. Pitts slowed it down and made sure we ALL got it. No one fails or is Left behind is her motto. She is a wonderful teacher.

Machine time was more comfortable since I have some previous experience with tractors and backhoes but Ms. Melinda showed us how to check fluids of the machine and how to operate a skid steer. And now I am a certified operator!

The previous story is about a ex-offender. All of these individuals have been involved in CARTF’s program. Their stories are of struggles and tribulations but, also of hope and perseverance. These individuals have come out of prison, attended CARTF and are now beating the odds in a state where the recidivism rate is well over 28%.

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