STORIES OF HOPE – John A. Williams Jr

My name is John A. Williams Jr. I am a 20 year vet. of the AL DOC. I was incarcerated from the age of 17 to 37 for manslaughter. I am a motivated, ambitious as well as strong mentally and physically. I am a 1st time Father of a beautiful baby girl. Janyla Nicole Love Williams is 2 1/2 weeks old.

July 9th I will be home now for 3 years. I’ve done more time in prison than I have done in society. When I came home it was get a job and things will be better for you. Not. No one wants to hire a 20 year convict. Not knowing anything about me or if I can do the job. I have stacked bricks on pallets. 600 bricks to a pallet for $25 in the hot sun. I’ve walked roads picking up cans. I was doing what was needed of me in what’s called the free world. That wasn’t enough! I still didn’t feel like I was a man because a man works. I’ve been fired from 2 temp services just for being an ex-felon.

Then one night A Cut Above the Rest came on Channel 8 news. Something for Ex-felons. Ms. Pitts is what we say Kryptonite, meaning motivated. Ms. Pitts and A Cut Above the Rest is what is needed because there is no programs out there for ex-felons.

This class has given me back the control I needed. No more prison for me and I tell everyone I meet about A Cut Above the Rest. With the skills and training Ms. Pitts has given me I have received a beautiful job. We just completed Employability skills training and with that I was able to update my resume.

I start work with my new job tonight. This class is a must for an ex-felon because you are around those that are facing the hardship of being an ex-felon that’s trying to get their life back or simply have one after 20

The previous story is about a ex-offender. All of these individuals have been involved in CARTF’s program. Their stories are of struggles and tribulations but, also of hope and perseverance. These individuals have come out of prison, attended CARTF and are now beating the odds in a state where the recidivism rate is well over 28%.
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